Karate Style History - Kunio Murayama

Murayama Sensei

Murayama Sensei was born on the 30th June 1944, in Miyagi, Japan. A life long member of Japan Karate-do Shito-kai and a member of the WSKF (World Shito-ryu Karate-do Federation), Murayama Sensei has been practising Shito Ryu Karate since his induction into the Toyo University in 1962. A direct student of Manzo Iwata Sensei, the young Murayama made great progress in his karate whilst studying for an economics degree. His hard work and dedication to the art of karate was recognised by Master Iwata who eventually invited the young prodigy to become his uchi-deshi (live in disciple).

Shihan Manzo Iwata was well known for his in depth and comprehensive understanding of Mabuni Kenwa’s Shito-Ryu system, and later, following an introduction by Kenwa Mabuni to his friend Fujita Seiko, Iwata also learned Daien Ryu Jojustu and Nanban Satto Ryu Kempo, among other disciplines for which Fujita Seiko was renowned. Murayama was then able to absorb much of this information during his time with Iwata Sensei and continued his training at Toyo University even after his graduation in 1966.

Murayama captained his university karate team for a further two years before leaving Japan in 1970. Having earned his Menkyo (teaching license) Murayama sensei sought a teaching career in the noble art he had grown to love. Manzo Iwata Sensei had a contact in Mexico and soon after, Murayama Sensei began his work to promote the Shito-Kai organisation, basing himself in Monterrey, a large industrial city in the state of Nuevo Leon, near the US border.

His ability and knowledge were quickly recognised by the Mexican karate community and later Murayama Sensei was appointed Technical Director to the Mexican national karate team. Murayama Sensei quickly developed a large following through his work and growing reputation as a world class coach, WKF official, karate-ka and teacher. Now in his 5th decade of study, Shihan Murayama Kunio is a world respected master of Shitoryu Karate-do.

Having coached many champions at elite level, developed students and teachers with great success, Murayama’s group continues to grow and develop around the world. Most recently, Master Murayama now visits Europe twice each year to teach his UK students and to promote Shito-kai, Daien-ryu Jo-jutsu, Nanban Satto-ryu Kempo Jutsu and Shito-ryu karate-do, his chosen vocation, his life.


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