Karate Style History - Sam Moledzki

Chief Instructor for Shitokai Canada, his introduction into the Martial Arts began in 1967 while studying boxing and competing as a member of the Midland Avenue Collegiate Gymnastic Team. Initially Moledzki sensei trained in the Chito-ryu karate system first introduced into Canada in 1958 by the man who is referred to as, the 'Father of Canadian Karate', Masami Tsuruoka sensei. Moledzki sensei began his formal training under sensei Kei Tsumura.

Tsumura sensei later received his 5th dan in Shitoryu Karate & 5th dan in Kobudo directly from Ryusho Sakagami sensei of the Shito ryu Itosu Kai. After many months training several times a week at the Japan Canadian Culture Centre plus special training sessions at Tsumura Sensei' other dojo locations, Moledzki sensei successfully received his 1st dan on January 10, 1970.

Moledzki sensei also studied Okinawan kobudo as well as Kendo, Jodo and Iaido and has travelled extensively to Japan and has trained under some of the worlds greatest karate and kobudo masters including Ryuso Sakagami sensei.

Moledzki sensei has been a direct student of Kunio Murayama sensei since 1991. He now heads Shito-kai Canada, a member of the WSKF and continues to travel, teach and train in Shitoryu karate-do and kobudo.


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