Customer & Student Testimonials

“My son has trained under Sensei Steve Bolland at Shushinkai North West for several years, from his very first lesson you could see Steve's dedication and commitment to karate and his students, this is reflected in the high standards achieved by all his students. His lessons are fun and friendly and yet very disciplined, he seems to have the balance just right. I cant begin to list the benefits karate has given my son (confidence, discipline, respect to name but a few) but it has been the best money I have spent on my son.”

Jane Dickson

"My daughters (aged 6 and 10) have attended since Dec 2008. The warm welcome, professional environment and keen and enthusiastic staff have ensured both girls are enjoying their lessons immensely and progressing well. My 10 year old has learning difficulties which are supported patiently and positively. Thank you. I wholeheartedly recommend!"

Mrs Ruth Gerrard

"My two sons started Kid Kickers aged 4 and they are both still going strong four years Later! Karate has instilled in them the core values of respect, discipline, dignity and self belief, as well as being fantastic fun. Both are keen footballers too and the physical and technical skills mastered in karate have helped their football immensely: strength, agility, speed and balance. As a busy working family Shushinkai North West offers great flexibility being open six days a week with age specific classes. The Cheshire Dojo is in a very convenient location and is fantastically well equipped. The club is friendly, professional, well run and in my opinion very good value. I have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending the club."

Michelle Lally

"I have trained under Sensei Steve Bolland for quite some time now. I have made many new friends and improved my level of fitness. During my time with the club I have competed within competitions at both local and national levels, and thanks to the quality of the instruction, I have won quite a few medals & trophies."

Darren Griffin

"My sons (aged 11 and 9) have trained with Shushinkai North West since the age of 5. My eldest son recently received his black belt and my youngest is working towards his brown belt. They both love every minute and have made so many friends at the club, as well as keeping fit and healthy. Sensei Steve works very hard to ensure everyone is achieving their full potential and with his team of black belt instructors everyone gets full support every step of the way. If you are looking to take up a martial art, for yourself or your children, I would highly recommend Shushinkai North West. It is a fun, professional club, with fantastic facilities."

Julie Rigby

"My two children have been going to karate lessons for about a year know, It has given them more self confidence in themselves and also more self control, It has taught them discipline and a way of getting rid of their day to day frustrations."

Janet Cook

"Excellent school, excellent teacher. Took on a 34 year old needing physio etc and helped him regain his strength confidence and balance. Even got me a red belt too. Thanks sensei."

Ian Winton

My son Ethan is 6 and did Martial Arts as an after school club - when that finished i decided to look around for Karate classes for him. He's only been three times and can't get enough - the free lesson is great so you can test the water see if your child will enjoy it. Hopefully his enthusiasm lasts for years to come.

Andrew Dalmeny

My son has studied at Shushinkai North West for a number of years. He receives excellent tuition with a wonderful balance of discipline and a bit of fun.

Kerry Jones

Excellent facilities and tuition. Both my children have attended.

Jonathan Every

Professionally ran dojo my son loves going.

Mike Drummond

My son has been attending this dojo with Sensei Bolland for a few years now and I can highly recommend it. My sons confidence and fitness levels have increased. He's made lots of friends and he's learning a new skill.

Paula Magee

My daughter started at Shushinkai North West in Jan 2011, the facilities and quality of teaching are excellent, after only a few lessons we could see the increase in her overall confidence, and this has grown belt after belt. There are some fantastic learnings through the study of Karate and its etiquette that can be applied to all parts of life. She has made some great friends and there is a very welcoming community sprit, so much so just before my 40th birthday in Jan 2013 I started training. Highly Recommended!!!!

Scott Maguire

Easy location to get to, good time for the class, (any later the children get too tired), also opportunity to go to a class on a different day if you have missed a class (ie due to holidays). Lots of encouragement from sensei for the children to achieve!! my children really enjoy this class, (which is high praise as they go to a lot of clubs).

Darren King

Very well disciplined and well run session. Incredibly knowledgable Sensei who accommodates all levels of ability.

Dean Bayley

I've been going to shushinkai since I was four and I'm now ten, I wouldn't go anywhere else.

James Pickering

My son has only been attending on a Thursday night for a couple of months but he really enjoys it. Sensei Steve creates a fantastic atmosphere, couldn't recommend him enough!!!

Sarah Rogers (Chester Club)

My son comes here for karate lessons every Thursday and he loves it, Sensei Steve is brilliant with the children, would highly recommend.

Shauna Bird (Chester Club)

Perfect after-school activity with physical and mental training. The club has a really good atmosphere. 

Marcel Garcia Orduña (Chester Club)

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